No More Fan Commissions

I made my first set of feather fans back in 2008. I got a discount kit from and made a nice set of baby blue fans. A costume designer decided that fall that my fans should be peach and…

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Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Must

Photo by Naked Lens.

I've stitched every sort of garment except gloves and shoes. Bras are the worst to me, along with trying to use knit fabrics in situations best suited to woven fabrics. I love learning and I…

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Taking it Ease-y: The Importance of Garment Space

Commercial patterns for the home sewist give a list of measurements on the envelope flap. This is where you discover you may be a size 4 off-the-rack but you're maybe a 10 or 12 in sewing patterns. However, those numbers…

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