Curriculum Vitae

Home: Dallas, TX, formerly of Los Angeles, CA

Style: Classic, comedic, neo, nerdlesque

Education: Liberal Arts Degree, Emphasis in Theatre; Aphrodite Strip & Pole (2006-2008); Burlesque Camp with Jo Weldon and Indigo Blue (2007); Burlesque with Lux LaCroix (2007); Girl School with Lili vonSchtupp, Vanity Flair, and Scarlett Letter (2007); Striptease Symposium with Jewel of Denial and Penny Starr, Jr. (2008); Stripper's Holiday with Michelle L'amour (2010); classes with burlesque legends Satan's Angel, Catherine d'lish, Wild Cherry, Tee Tee Red, and Tiffany Carter; Burlycon (2010); various classes at festivals

Touring Performances: Foul Play Cabaret (Hot Springs, Arkansas); Broads & Panties (Ft. Worth & Dallas, Texas); Maverick Burlesque (Fresno, California); Stars & Garters (San Antonio, Texas); Houston Burlesque Review (Houston, Texas); Diamond Dames (Little Rock, Arkansas); Live Burlesque in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada); Brunchlesque (Las Vegas, Nevada); Yadi Presents (Orange County, California); WTF-lesque, Monday Night Tease (Los Angeles, California); Poppy Pie’s Burlesque Roulette (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Burlesque Festivals: Great Burlesque Exposition (2009, 2011, 2014 - Cambridge, Massachusetts); Colorado Burlesque Festival (2009 & 2010 - Denver, Colorado); New Orleans Burlesque Festival (2009 & 2010 - New Orleans, Louisiana); Hollywood Fringe Festival (2011 & 2014 - Hollywood, CA); Southwest Burlesque Showcase (2010, 2012, 2014, 2018 - Albuquerque, New Mexico); Las Vegas Burlesque Festival (2013); Hollywood Burlesque Festival (2013 - Hollywood, California); California Regional Burlypicks (2016 - winner of Master of Improv); Texas Burlesque Festival (2017); Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival (2017 - winner of Most Comedic); Golden Legend Champion Challenge (2017 - Colorado Springs, Colorado); Arizona Burlesque Festival (2017); Great Southern Exposure (2017 - winner of last Queen, Most Glamorous, Funniest); Freezing Tassel Burlesque Festival (2018)

Los Angeles Affiliations: Burlesque A Go-Go (2008-2009); Shimmy & Shake (2008-2009); Victory Variety Hour (2009-2011); Sassy, Classy Burlesque Revue (2009-2010); Monday Night Tease (2008-2017); Peepshow Menagerie (2008-2017); Rumpus Revue (2011-2012); Hamburger Mary's Burlesque (2012); Red Light Revue (2013); Urban FairyTails (2012-2015); Yadi Presents (2013-2016); Cabaret ConSensual (2015); WTF-lesque (2015-2016)

Dallas Affiliations: Tuesday Tease (2017); Burlesque Brunch (2017); Texas Burlesque Peepshow (2017); Viva Dallas Burlesque (2016-2018); Diamond Burlesque Productions (2018); Texas Star Burlesque (2018)

Film & Television: Bukowski (2013 - Dir. James Franco)

What Folks Say About Red Snapper

"Red Snapper is a pleasure to work with. As a producer, she is constantly knocking it out of the park for me, she's reliable, professional and entertaining! A triple threat for a burlesque performer. Her acts are true burlesque, from a traditional fan dance to her absurd tongue-in-cheek parody numbers, audiences love her! "
Lili VonSchtupp
Producer, Monday Night Tease! LA's Longest Running Weekly Burlesque Show

"Red Snapper is a producers' dream come true. Extremely pleasant, easy to work with, and strives to make the experience great for everyone involved. My audiences/crew/fellow performers love her, and always beg me to bring her down again. From the performance angle - she brings her A game everytime, asks for feedback and truly wants it. I look forward to working with Snapper as much as possible in the coming years. TEXAS loves Red Snapper!"

Vivienne Vermuth
Producer, Broads & Panties (DFW) and Dr. Sketchy's Denton

"It can take me a while to warm up to people. But, Red Snapper made that an effortless process. I enjoyed her humor right from the start and knew I had found a woman after my own heart. Her creative mindset is nothing short of brilliant and she can be counted on to bring something special to any event, private session or group class. She is a remarkable performer, instructor and woman. If you are super lucky, you might also end up with a wonderful friend. If the opportunity is ever presented to you to learn from Snapper, work with Snapper or just meet Snapper, I suggest you not let that opportunity pass you by. She will change your life and make you a better person for having been in her presence."

Spy Kitten
Performer & Producer
Denver, CO & Los Angeles, CA

"Red Snapper sparkles like no other."

Bella Luna
Producer, Red Light Revue

"Red Snapper adds professionalism to the art of burlesque while still maintaining a cheeky humor, both of which inspire future performers and helps ensure the tradition continues!"

Dia Blow
Los Angeles Burlesque Performer

"It is my pleasure to recommend Red Snapper to be part of any show, yes any, because she can handle any show you throw at her. She is a great actor, dancer, stripteaser, and a great human being. With her personal repertoire of fun and smart burlesque acts she is one of those girls who help keep the bar up high in Los Angeles."

Crystal Swarovski
Burlesque Producer, Los Angeles

"Red Snapper is one of the best burlesque performers of her day. Theatricality, sensuality, style, sense of humor, beauty, and real chops as a dancer -- she has it all!"

Mike Refky
Mr. Iowa Leather 2010

"I don't think I've ever seen Red Snapper when she wasn't wearing a great big smile."

Tony Marsico
Martini Kings

"Red Snapper is sassy and sexy, kicky and classy...both onstage and off-stage!"

Princess Farhana

"Red Snapper is one of the hardest working women in burlesque. I consider her a real inspiration and a true friend. She is in such demand not simply because of the beauty, grace, and style she possesses, but her professionalism both on stage and behind the scenes as well. She is part of a very small cache of performers I try to emulate. She has taught me the value of promptness, professionalism, enthusiasm and excitement on stage, helping fellow performers, and looking fabulous at all times!

Long live Red Snapper!"

Panama Red
Los Angeles Burlesque Performer

"Red Snapper is the best kind of teacher: someone who really knows her stuff AND is always engaging. From one all-too-short class, I now have a much better understanding of what it means to perform this art than I ever could have imagined. ... Her grasp of choreography, the relationship between performer and costume, and the implications and meanings of every move were all made clearer to me than ever before. I now believe I'm not just a better student of this art but a better entertainer thanks to her guidance. I was lucky to be her student. Thank you Mrs. Snapper!"

Lee T. Killer
Los Angeles Boylesque Performer

I would love everyone to know that due to Red Snapper's classes, I now have more confidence and ambition. I realized that I need to take more dance classes, and that I can twirl (at least for a bit!) while in a backbend. Everyone in my troupe who attended the classes returned to the group as better performers. I would recommend Red Snapper's classes to anyone interested in burlesque and other stage performance, and to anyone who needs to spark their self-confidence.

Ro Manic
Diamond Dames
Little Rock, AR

"Grace, charm, humor, and a wry wit that provides a giggle with her jiggle-- these are characteristics of Red Snapper's performances which make her a truly titillating entertainer. Destined to become a burlesque legend!"

Joel Wigglesworth
New Mexico

"I think Red Snapper is awesome sauce. She's a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and caring. She knows so much and is very willing to teach it. She's always managed to make me feel comfortable even when I'm stressing about my imperfections, that I forget about them. She's someone I admire so much and such a wonderful person! I hope I get more opportunities to learn from her in the near future!

Tally Ho
Los Angeles Burlesque Performer

"The classes helped validate what I was doing well and helped me to pinpoint areas I needed to be focusing on. Since taking the classes, I now approach new routines with more experienced eyes and have been able to add new life to existing numbers I've performed. It's like getting a tune-up on your burlesque brain!"

Heaven Lee
Diamond Dames
Little Rock, AR

Being these were my 1st classes I was so happy to meet Red Snapper and take her classes, I loved every minute of each class, I was really shy at first but after taking her advice I've learned to have a lil more fun with it and have been able to show off to some friends my new hand made Mickey pasties as well as the techniques I learned in your class, I had so much fun and cant wait to get some fans and take those classes as well.

Little Rock, AR