Meet Red Snapper

Red Snapper entered the world of exotic dancing through pole dancing in 2007. While taking a session of burlesque choreography for pole through Aphrodite Strip-N-Pole, she discovered an innate talent for striptease. Thirsty for knowledge on the subject study, she studied burlesque with several incredible performers: Lux LaCroix (Bump & Grind School - Los Angeles), Miss Indigo Blue & The Shanghai Pearl (Academy of Burlesque - Seattle), Jo Boobs (New York School of Burlesque - New York), Jewel of Denial (Striptease Symposium - Los Angeles), Lili VonSchtupp, Penny Starr, Jr. (Striptease Symposium - Los Angeles), Princess Farhana, Vanity Flair, Scarlett Letter (Little Red Schoolhouse of Burlesque - Ventura), Tigger!, as well as burlesque legends Wild Cherry, April March and Tee Tee Red. Red is an advocate of continuing education and is always enrolled in a dance class.

Red Snapper has been performing since she was five. She's been seen in theatre, commercials, television and film.  As an actress, she's been called "robust and sassy" by L.A. Weekly. The L.A. Times wrote that she "parlay[ed] experience in both theater and burlesque choreography into a thoroughly convincing portrait of hardhearted survival" in her performance in Andrew Moore's Pin-Up Girls. She's also an experienced stage director whose work has been positively recognized by L.A. Weekly and Backstage West.

Red Snapper regularly performs throughout Southern California, and has performed in a number of festivals across the US. Born and raised in Arkansas, she loves returning to her South to perform and teach. Known as "The Go All the Way Girl," she never fails to charm. Red's repertoire varies from classic 1940's elegance to rock & roll, tongue-in-cheek, naughty good girl. Sometimes she shares the stage with puppets or large, silly props built by Mr. Snapper.

She's taught men and women the art of pole dancing, lap dancing and burlesque.  She currently teaches burlesque independently.

Red Snapper spends her free time brainstorming new projects at home with Mr. Snapper, his dog Buster and her Coca Carter. She's a passionate L.A. Kings fan.


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